The Torrent and The Cyclone set to leave riders in a spin

The most extreme slide at The Wave has been unveiled today. Riders of The Torrent will enter a rocket capsule and wait for the ground beneath them to disappear, plunging them downwards on this kamikaze styled slide.

With a thrill rating of 5 out 5 this slide is not for the faint hearted.

Also announced today is The Cyclone. After being whisked through a tunnel full of lighting effects, riders are sent spinning round a giant bowl and then dropped into the pool below.

The Cyclone has a thrill rating of 4 out of 5 and may just be the confidence booster needed before braving The Torrent.

‘The Reef’ set to cause a splash amongst the youngest visitors to The Wave  

Details of The Wave’s toddler friendly splash zone will be announced later this month. Dubbed ‘The Reef’, this £1.5M facility will be a major attraction appealing to some of the youngest visitors to The Wave who have the biggest appetite for adventure.

And you only have three more weeks to sign up to be a Slide Tester! Applications for Slide Testers, those who want to be the first inside the fantastic new venue, will close on Friday 31 May at midday, so don’t miss out! Complete details for yourself, or one of your children at

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