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Admissions Policy

1.     General

1.1.  With the purchase of an admission ticket and/ or entrance to the facility, all visitors accept the house rules and all other rules established for the assurance of operational safety. The house rules are binding for all guests. They are in place to ensure safety, order and cleanliness within the centre, thus benefitting all guests. They are in place to ensure every guest can enjoy their visit. Where private groups are involved, the leader shall be partly responsible for compliance with the house rules.

Use of the facility is permitted for everyone at their own risk. Safety signs must always be adhered to.

Proof of Identity for Disabled and Carer Tickets 

Guests who have the following documentation are entitled to a disabled guest ticket at the going rate and a carer* ticket for £5.00. 

  1. Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance award letter (dated within the last 12 months).
  2. Personal Independence Payment letter (dated within the last 12 months).
  3. A current and valid Blue Badge.
  4.  Letter from GP or consultant (dated within the last 12 months) confirming the need for a full time carer. This does not need to be a letter of diagnosis. 

Disabled guests and carers tickets can be purchased online but proof of eligibility must be shown at reception on the day. Failure to produce one of the above at reception will result in the full price of admission being charged for both parties. 

*   Please note the accompanying carer must be 14 years or older

 Minimum Age of Water Park Users

1.2.  Children under 11 years of age are only permitted when accompanied by an adult. Adults must actively ensure the supervision of the children during their entire stay at the facility. Lifeguards cannot ensure constant supervision of children.

Babies & Small Children

1.3.  Entrance to the facility is prohibited for persons suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases. Entrance is also prohibited for persons with open wounds or skin rashes as well as for persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Persons with other illnesses may also be refused access. 

1.4.  Any behaviour that could be perceived to disrupt the operation of the facility may be refused access to the waterpark.

1.5.  Entrance is prohibited for anyone who has suffered from a gastro-intestinal upset involving diarrhoea within the 48 hours before attempting to visit the waterpark. You may also not enter the water if you have suffered from confirmed Cryptosporidium infection within the last 14 days.

1.6.  The Wave accept no liability for the loss or damage of valuables, money or articles of clothing. We recommend that you store your valuables separately in the lockers provided. The provision of a locker does not imply any duty on our part to ensure safekeeping. The visitor is responsible to making sure the lockers are closed, locked and that the wristbands are always kept on them. 

1.7.  If any damage or accidents occur, please ensure you notify a member staff immediately.

1.8.  Any item found inside the waterpark are to be handed in at reception. This will be dealt as lost property and in accordance with the legal regulations.

2.     Entrance

2.1  The prices listed in the building and on the website apply.

2.2  The purchased admission tickets only valid for the one day that they are first used. No refunds will be given, and no reimbursement shall be offered for tickets that are not used for the day purchased, including online.

2.3  Any tickets purchased are to be kept in a safe place and presented at reception for time verification. If no receipt can be produced as proof of purchase or allotted time slot, a fee will be applied to wristband.

2.4  Admission tickets are valid for the day and time showing on the wristband or until closing time depending on entry time. An additional payment may be charged if the time limit is exceeded.

2.5  Admission to the waterpark will be for a minimum of 2hours.

2.6  Rides will begin to shut down 30 minutes before closing time

2.7  All participants of the Waterpark use the facility at their own risk

2.8  All rides are subject to availability. We can’t guarantee you will get on all the rides due to the large numbers.

2.9  Management takes no responsibility for the loss/damage of personal possessions whilst on site  

3.     Ratios

Children under 11 years of age are only permitted when accompanied by an adult. Adults must actively ensure the supervision of the children during their entire stay at the facility. Lifeguards cannot ensure constant supervision of children.

As well as the 1.2m minimum height restriction to ride the slides* the following weight limits also apply:

Type of Ride
Single Rider

Double Rider
Body RideMin – 35kg (5.5 st)
Max – 120kg (18.9st)
Body RideMax – 120kg (18.9st)n/a
*Body RideMax – 120kg (18.9st)Max – 180kg (28.3 st)
Tube RideMin – 60kg (9.4 st)
Max – 120kg (18.9st)
Min – 90kg (14.2 st)
Max – 180kg (28.3 st)
Tube RideMin – 60kg (9.4 st)
Max – 120kg (18.9st)
Min – 90kg (14.2 st)
Max – 180kg (28.3 st)
Tube RideMin – 60kg (9.4 st)
Max – 120kg (18.9st)
Min – 90kg (14.2 st)
Max – 180kg (28.3 st)

 (* a child under 1.2m can go on the Cascade with an adult at their discretion)

3.1  For any more information please visit our website.

4.     Hours of Operation

4.1     The hours of operation are to be displayed within the waterpark and on our website

4.2      No reduction in price will be offered in the case of non-operation or downtime of individual areas of the waterpark (e.g. Due to technical issues or health & safety reasons)

4.3      All queues for slides will close 30 minutes prior to the closing of the waterpark. All other areas of the waterpark are to be vacated at closing time.

5.     Waterpark Behaviour

5.1. Every visitor to the waterpark is to behave in a way which ensures good manners and decency and doesn’t impair the operation of the facility. Appropriate swimwear must always be worn within the waterpark. Any offensive tattoos must always be covered up and all persons with long hair are required to wear it tied back.

5.2.  The visitor is liable for any damage or soiling which they cause. Razors, manicures, pedicures, hair colouring processes, hair masks, massage gloves and brushes are prohibited.

5.3.  The waterpark may only be accessed when barefoot or when wearing the appropriate over shoe covers.

5.4.  Guest must shower before entering the waterpark facilities.

5.5.  No jumping or diving is permitted in any of the pools.

5.6. The use of goggles and inflatable balls are permitted at the managers discretion. No balls are permitted whilst the waves are operational.

5.7.  Guests are prohibited from accessing any staff only areas or handling equipment located in the bathing area which is not intended for direct use by the guests. The company takes no responsibility for accidents or incidents that have been caused by a guest ignoring this rule.

6.     Supervision

6.1. Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring safety and compliance with the house rules. The instructions of the lifeguards are always to be followed.

6.2.  The lifeguards are authorised to remove persons from the premises who threaten safety, calmness or order, disturb other guests, damage property, violate the house rules despite warnings, or are in a condition which impairs their free exercise of will (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Failure to comply to this may result in criminal charges due to trespassing.

6.3.  Any person specified in 5.2 can be temporarily or permanently denied access to the facility. The ban on entry will first be issued by the Supervisor/ Duty Manager and then subsequently in writing by the management. 

6.4.  The admission fee for those asked to leave will not be refunded.

6.5.   Non-swimmers are only permitted in the waterpark if they are accompanied by a competent swimmer and they are wearing flotation aids.

7.     Special Provisions

7.1.  The facility is monitored by CCTV for security purposes.

7.2.  Bicycles and animals may not be brought into the building. Prams and pushchairs may be brought if the wheels are cleaned beforehand.

7.3.  For hygienic reasons normal swimwear attire must be worn within the facility.

7.4.  Photography is not permitted in the changing areas. The management reserve the right to prohibit individuals from taking photographs. Any cameras of any kind are prohibited on the slides. Any non -intrusive use in other areas is at the discretion of the management.

7.5.  The use of glass objects is prohibited throughout the entire waterpark.

7.6.  Babies may only be changed in the changing areas intended for this purpose. Babies and young children who have not been toilet trained must wear swim nappies.

7.7.  No food or beverages may be brought onto the premises.

Last updated October 2019