COVID-19: Customer Update

The waterpark, Lifestyles fitness facilities and Mana Spa at The Wave are temporarily closed until further notice.

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The Crestar

The Crestar has two giant spheres that use lighting effects and other surprises to delight sliders as they journey towards the bottom. You have to ride The Crestar of The Wave.

The Cascade

This fully enclosed slide sweeps riders through large sections of coloured light. The Cascade is The Wave’s most colourful slide in more ways than one.

The Rapids

The Wave’s ‘water-coaster’ is best rode with a friend or family member. Powerful jets hurl riders uphill before dropping them down through tight corners and tunnels. It’s a ‘Big Dipper’ on water.

The Riptide

Sliders grab a tyre and are launched at almost a 90 degree angled slope. Make sure to hold tight as this is a return journey!

The Torrent

Riders of The Torrent must prepare to have the floor beneath them disappear and to be plunged straight down to ground level. This is only for the bravest of riders.

The Cyclone

One of The Wave’s fastest slides, sending riders whirling around an open bowl before dropping them in to the pool below! Guaranteed to get you in a spin.

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The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry2 months ago
International Day of the Nurse 👩‍⚕️

On Tuesday 12th May in honour of all NHS front line staff, we are lighting up The Wave in shades of blue alongside Coventry landmarks.

Join in and light up your homes, share your pictures by using the hashtag #CoventryGlows 🌟
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry3 months ago
You know this is going to make you feel better 💪

Do a homework out today. Choose between a high - low impact class depending on what you fancy. Follow us ➡️

Or if you're a Lifestyles member you can use the Les Mills link that has been sent to you 😊
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry4 months ago
Further to the Government's announcement on 20/03/20, the Lifestyles facilities at CV Life Centres are temporarily closed until further notice. ALL MEMBERSHIPS ARE FROZEN WITHOUT CHARGE and you do not have to do anything. STAY TUNED for digital home workouts launching soon!
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry4 months ago
As the waterpark remains closed until further notice, updates are available for the sports facilities inside The Wave building, regarding opening times, class restrictions and equipment usage.

More information can be found here ➡️
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry4 months ago
The Wave waterpark facilities (slides, Lazy River, Wave Pool & The Reef) are closed with immediate effect.

During these unprecedented times, customers and staff remain our number one priority and are at the forefront of all decisions.

For updates visit:
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry4 months ago
Wish your Saturdays looked this fun? 🙌
Ride The Crestar at The Wave and they could be!

For information please visit ➡️