Waterpark Admission Policy

  1. General
  1. With the purchase of an admission ticket and/ or entrance to the facility, all visitors accept the house rules and all other rules established for the assurance of operational safety. The house rules are binding for all guests. They are in place to ensure safety, order and cleanliness within the centre, thus benefitting all guests. They are in place to ensure every guest can enjoy their visit. Where private groups are involved, the leader shall be partly responsible for compliance with the house rules.

Use of the facility is permitted for everyone at their own risk. Safety signs must always be adhered to.

            Minimum Age of Water Park Users

  1. Children under 11 years of age are only permitted when accompanied by an adult. Adults must actively ensure the supervision of the children during their entire stay at the facility. Lifeguards cannot ensure constant supervision of children.

Babies & Small Children

  1. Entrance to the facility is prohibited for persons suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases. Entrance is also prohibited for persons with open wounds or skin rashes as well as for persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Persons with other illnesses may also be refused access.
  1. Any behaviour that could be perceived to disrupt the operation of the facility may be refused access to the waterpark.
  1. Entrance is prohibited for anyone who has suffered from a gastro-intestinal upset involving diarrhoea within the 48 hours before attempting to visit the waterpark. You may also not enter the water if you have suffered from confirmed Cryptosporidium infection within the last 14 days.
  1. The Wave accept no liability for the loss or damage of valuables, money or articles of clothing. We recommend that you store your valuables separately in the lockers provided. The provision of a locker does not imply any duty on our part to ensure safekeeping. The visitor is responsible to making sure the lockers are closed, locked and that the wristbands are always kept on them.
  1. If any damage or accidents occur, please ensure you notify a member staff immediately.
  1. Any item found inside the waterpark are to be handed in at reception. This will be dealt as lost property and in accordance with the legal regulations.

Last updated September 2019

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