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The Crestar

The Crestar has two giant spheres that use lighting effects and other surprises to delight sliders as they journey towards the bottom. You have to ride The Crestar of The Wave.

The Cascade

This fully enclosed slide sweeps riders through large sections of coloured light. The Cascade is The Wave’s most colourful slide in more ways than one.

The Rapids

The Wave’s ‘water-coaster’ is best rode with a friend or family member. Powerful jets hurl riders uphill before dropping them down through tight corners and tunnels. It’s a ‘Big Dipper’ on water.

The Riptide

Special details: Sliders grab a tyre and are launched from one of the highest points of The Wave. Make sure to hold tight as this is a return journey!

The Torrent

Riders of The Torrent must prepare to have the floor beneath them disappear and to be plunged straight down to ground level. This is only for the bravest of riders.

The Cyclone

Slide details: One of The Wave’s fastest slides, sending riders whirling around an open bowl before dropping them in to the pool below! Guaranteed to get you in a spin.

Join The Conversation!

The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
We are pleased to confirm that even on 'Great British summer' days like today, you’ll still get wetter inside The Wave on our slides than staying outside 🌊☔
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
The first piece of gym equipment has been installed at our new Lifestyles facility 🏋️

Just another 119 to go!
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
🎵 Oh what a feeling, when we're painting on the ceiling 🎵

Our builders are literally bending over backwards to get The Wave ready.
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
A new health and fitness centre opens at The Wave exactly one month today.

Lifestyles at The Wave will be opening its doors from 24 June and offer a state of the art fitness suite, 25m pool and an incredible range of group exercises classes. Become a member today and avoid all upfront costs at

Details of the Waterpark opening date will be released soon.
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry

Would you like to be amongst the first to try out our new slides before we officially open? Well you only have until 31 May to apply.

Head over to our website and apply now at ➡️
The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry
3️⃣...2️⃣...1️⃣ 😱

Our most thrilling slide has just been revealed! Climb inside The Torrent and countdown until the ground beneath you disappears dropping you ⬇️

Find out all about our latest slides at
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