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General Rules

The safety of our visitors and staff is our priority.

Before arriving at The Wave, please review the rules of the waterpark and each slide for your own safety.

Each slide has different rules and ratios which must be adhered to. This includes height and weight restrictions. We also encourage visitors to read these before booking to ensure all members of your party can use the facilities safely.

Please ensure you have read the Admission Policy before booking your ticket


Please follow our guidelines on appropriate swimwear when using our facilities.
Other items of clothing might be okay, please speak to a manager before you go into the waterpark.


  • Two Part Swimsuit
  • Long Two Part Swimsuit
  • Full Body Swimsuit
  • Swimming Shorts
  • Hijood
  • Knee-length Suit
  • Swimming Skirt with Wrap
  • Baby Wrap
  • Swim Nappies
  • Swimming Goggles – not to be worn on slides
  • Swimming Cap
  • Arm Swim Aids
  • Long Hair must be tied back

Notes for the following:

  • Nose Goggles – goggles that cover the nose are not permitted due to health and safety.
  • Glasses – not permitted
  • Cover up any offensive tattoos

If you have any questions, please ask a member of our team or contact us on

Slide Rules

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The Crestar

The Crestar has two giant spheres that use lighting effects and other surprises to delight sliders as they journey towards the bottom. You have to ride The Crestar of The Wave.

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The Cascade

This fully enclosed slide sweeps riders through large sections of coloured light. The Cascade is The Wave’s most colourful slide in more ways than one.

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The Rapids

The Wave’s ‘water-coaster’ is best rode with a friend or family member. Powerful jets hurl riders uphill before dropping them down through tight corners and tunnels. It’s a ‘Big Dipper’ on water.

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The Riptide

Sliders grab a tyre and are launched at almost a 90 degree angled slope. Make sure to hold tight as this is a return journey!

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The Torrent

Riders of The Torrent must prepare to have the floor beneath them disappear and to be plunged straight down to ground level. This is only for the bravest of riders.

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The Cyclone

One of The Wave’s fastest slides, sending riders whirling around an open bowl before dropping them in to the pool below! Guaranteed to get you in a spin.

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The Wave Pool

We’re not called The Wave for nothing! Our Wave pool is one of our best features and everyone is welcome in. The waves get bigger the further in you go but you can have just as much fun splashing away in the shallow end.

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The Lazy River

After all that excitement it’s only right that you take some time to relax. Enter the Lazy River and get whisked away in the stream, passing bubbles and waterjets along the way.

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The Reef

With six high-octane slides, you could be forgiven for thinking The Wave will only appeal to the bravest of thrill-seekers but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Also At The Wave

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The Wave Coventry
The Wave Coventry4 weeks ago
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